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Sal’s Families Blog is a written version of her Families Podcast.

Read the posts, ask Sal questions, make comments and tell your story.

This space belongs to all of us. Sal writes from her own personal learning and experience and loves to hear your thoughts and questions, your story.


Raising World Changers

Well, how do you explore raising world changers in a few hundred words?   The truth is I’m not sure that I even know how. But in all my time watching, working with, and living with families, there seem to be a few things in common about those young people who...

Parenting Styles

It’s an interesting exercise to sit in MacDonald’s Family Restaurant (or any other common eating place for families) and observe the styles of parenting that come in and out, spending that special family time together. There are those parents who are obviously very...


I know a young lady who recently turned 18, and has been enjoying going to a few clubs on weekends with her friends. She described what it’s like, knowing how old and out of touch I am with the culture our 18 year-olds are dealing with. She actually described it as...

The Funnest Minute

I’m not sure if it’s true that the family that has fun together stays together, but I have a feeling that if a family does have fun together they want to be together more. And that has to be a good thing. When our children were little, my husband was the “fun one”. He...

Justice and Mercy

I have a friend whose teenage daughter has just lost her licence for speeding. Her friends at work were quick to ask, “What did your mum say?!” The teenager answered, “She said she’d drive me to work.” I was impressed by that mum.. She could have yelled, punished or...

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