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What Steve Biddulph says. (Manhood, Raising Boys, Raising Girls)

“Sallie Hammond brings a gentle tenderness to her work which is perfect for a parent educator.  She also has wide experience working with mums and dads who have multiple issues, including lack of education, poverty, and violence in their own childhoods.  And so everything she writes has passed through that filter – will it work? will it make immediate sense to people who are often drowning in the day to day struggle, and have trouble thinking first and acting second?  Will it make things better for children who live on the edge? ( It goes without saying that these ideas apply to all parents, and all children some of the time.  Nobody goes through parenthood without getting lost and discouraged, and desperately needing help to see a better way.)

The result is an extraordinarily comprehensive coverage of the information that is critical to a family working well.  It’s one thing to write “Seven essentials for a happy childhood”  full of platitudes about listening and boundaries or “good communication”.  It’s something entirely different to help people get the concrete skills and methods to actually do that.  That’s where Sallie Hammond’s focus lies.

Parent education has taken a big step forward with this comprehensive book.”

Steve Biddulph AM
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
author – Raising Boys, Raising Girls, The New Manhood, The Secret of Happy Children

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