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Born in Launceston – Sallie grew up the youngest of 7 children and grew a deep attachment to her older siblings and their children.
Aunty Sal spent many school holidays helping with her little nieces and nephews and began what has become a lifelong and profound sense of commitment to the support of families of every kind.

Growing up, Sallie developed a quiet but determined faith. At age 16, Sal stepped out of the safety of Friday night Presbyterian youth group and into a new youth drop-in centre, the first of its kind in Launceston. It was set up by a group of young caring Christians with a plan of bringing hope to other young people. It was called Jonah’s Place and opened on Friday and Saturday nights and later opened on weekdays as well. Sallie continued to volunteer there while training to be an infant teacher.

Married to Dave at 22, Sallie dedicated the next few decades to raising their four children and making space for others in their home. In the late 1990’s Sallie came across a parenting program called “Enjoying Families” and with a small team took it on as a project to share with others. Over the next 25 years, and with the blessing of the original author, a whole new course has emerged. The team continues to modify and develop the course to meet the current needs of families. During the pandemic in the early 2020’s they began to be deliver the course online as well as producing a video version, available at

Without any budget, Sallie has worked as a volunteer for over 30 years dedicating herself to helping those who were not as fortunate as her.

The Families Course© is now growing around Australia and has been well accepted overseas. There’s a training and support system in place for trainers and a growing team of people who love to teach the course and support other families.

Not many of us get to establish something which truly affects the lives of thousands. Sallie already has and now will likely see this precious course grow to affect tens of thousands.

Sallie will be the first to say she has weaknesses and failings. Perhaps that’s why she is so loved by those who are seen as “The Least”.

Since the early 2000’s Sallie has worked to support and train families in Western Sydney, through young parent groups, Community Dinners, Families Conferences and Community Talks, as well as Family Mentoring and regular Families Courses.

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