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Sal’s Families Blog is a written version of her Families Podcast.

Read the posts, ask Sal questions, make comments and tell your story.

This space belongs to all of us. Sal writes from her own personal learning and experience and loves to hear your thoughts and questions, your story.


A Special Treat

I have great memories of buying hot chips after swimming lessons as a child. Hot chips were a rare treat in our family. But after swimming we’d get a whole bag each. They were 10 cents a bag and we couldn’t even finish them. Do you have memories of special treats as a...

Routines that connect us

I have a wonderful memory from my childhood that still makes me smile. We called it “Friday night”. Every Friday when Dad came home from work he would have a treat for us. It was usually one of four or five different things - maybe a bag of snowballs (the chocolate...

Family Dinner Time

It seems that although we have made great advances in many areas of life, we have also had some losses. One of these is the loss in many of our homes of the family dinnertime. I remember as a little girl, my family of nine squeezing around our dinner table every...

Being the Grown Up

Bette Davis once said, “If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent.” I’m afraid there are moments for most of us, when our children are going to be angry about our decisions and let us know loud and strong! I love the other parts of...

A Favourite Teacher

Have you ever seen the show, “World’s Strictest Parents?” I usually change the channel, and dismiss it as being “a bit over the top”. But today I watched the whole thing. Two teenagers from England who were causing their parents some grief, were shipped off to Ghana,...


Can you praise your kids too much? It’s a good question. I think the answer could be yes, if it’s the wrong kind of praise. But if we keep a few simple rules in mind I think the answer might just be no. Our children need all the positive input we can give them. If...

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